Friday, October 5, 2007

You need this!

Is it wrong to love something as simple as a basket? While visiting Pretty Little Things I was reminded of one of my absolute favorite things, the collapsible basket. OK, it doesn't really collapse all that easily because of the side supports, but you will be using it so much you will never need to collapse it! It appears that Sur La Table has recently added these to their offerings, but I first found these a couple years ago through Garnet Hill (they're a couple of dollars cheaper here, too!). Yeah, Garnet Hill of all places! Well, I loved them so much I bought one for each of my bridesmaids. Since then, I have convinced everyone I know to buy one of these. You can use them for anything. I use mine for the beach, for hauling all of my things when planning a wedding, for the farmer's market, for taking things from my car to the house, everything! I personally prefer the solid colors, but the prints can be fun as well. Trust me, buy one of these. You will not be disappointed.


The Mrs. said...

Adorable! Love! Your blog is so great!

alyssa said...

I LOVE my hot pink basket! I use it nearly everyday for school stuff.