Sunday, October 28, 2007

A frightfully fun evening

I've never been one for Halloween. Sure, I would don a costume occasionally, but I could never quite get into the over the top decorating and the "ghoulish" spirit of it all. This year was different, though. This year I looked at Halloween as more of a welcome to Fall and a true beginning to the holiday festivities. It seemed that everywhere I turned, I was inspired by the limitless number of fantastic entertaining ideas. What else could I do but host a Halloween dinner party? No costumes or bloody monsters, just great food, witty conversation, and a hysterical game of Cranium (for more on this, visit my other blog- you won't be sorry!). Do I sense a new tradition for the Palmers?


Sarah Dennis said...

Mimi I love it! The little pumpkin tureens (fantastic), the cake with the spider (yum) and the candles (great touch)!

I've never played Cranium, but it looks like alot of fun!

I think that this should definately be a traditon with the Palmers!

casey said...

oh my goodness-- i love it all! what a perfect party... i always seem to run out of time during the holidays. if i plan ahead, maybe i can plan a halloween dinner next year!

Jihan Zencirli said...

You've done it again! Magic!
I love Halloween...and you've captured the finer side of it :)

Your Blogger BFF,

perfect bound said...

This is so sweet. I too love the spider cake and poisoned wine. It's the candy headache I can do without. Brillant!

Anonymous said...

Soooooo cute! Very inspiring. I'm bummed my dinky little dining area only seats 4 :(.

I also saw these adorable little chocolate puddings topped w/ crushed oreo dirt and dark-chocolate tombstones. You can write your guests names/nicknames on them or the standard RIP.

Anyhow...looks like a dinner success! And a weeknight...Nice.