Sunday, September 23, 2007

Enjoying Life

When I started this blog a few months ago I had no idea how many people would actually read it or that I would actually develop friends out of it. One thing I promised myself was that I would keep this blog strictly as an outlet for inspiration for any and everything related to planning and organizing fabulous weddings and parties. Along the way, however, I found that no matter how hard you try, inevitably who you are seeps into everything you do. And, no matter how much of an effort is made, sometimes you just can't help but want people to better understand who you really are.
I've never been one for journaling- too time consuming, too much pressure, no spell check-but I have always envied those who have the discipline to do so. I have often wished, however, that I had written down something someone had said, taken better care to file away photos, copied down that recipe, or chronicled my feelings about or for any given experience. Well, now its my turn. I have started a new blog entitled ENJOYing : {my life} to do just that. In these last few months there have been so many great experiences to share, thoughts and ideas to express, and just things I wanted to say, but I didn't feel a blog I started for my business was the proper outlet. Not everything in my life revolves around parties and party planning! Whether you'll read or not, I don't know, but I am happy to share anyway. Enjoy!


bride of rochester said...

good for you! I look forward to reading!

Sarah Dennis said...

I think this is fantastic. Can't wait to read!