Thursday, September 20, 2007

Almost DIY

It seems I am always being invited to shop-at-home parties where I end up spending a ton of money on items I probably would not have bought out on my own at the mall, but somehow feel obligated to purchase because I don't want to make the hostess feel bad! Enough! It's time for a party where everyone leaves with something they love. Apparently 1154 LILL Studios agrees. They host a make-your-own purse party where everyone designs their own custom bag. Very clever! With prices ranging from $26-$185, more than 20 different styles, and up to 300 different fabric options, there is definitely something for everyone and every budget. Guests simply choose a fabric and a purse style and it is mailed to their door within 3-4 weeks. Not that I don't love a good kitchenware party, but come on - do I really need anymore condiment holders?

If a party is not your thing and you just want a really cute custom bag for yourself, your friend, or your bridesmaids you can order directly from the website, too.

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