Sunday, December 9, 2007

On the ninth day of Christmas Advent calendar said to me, "buy mistletoe and kiss". A simple enough task, I thought. That was until I drove to NINE different stores in search of it. I was a woman on a mission. From the first stop, the Farmers' Market, where I was told, "oh no, it is too early for mistletoe" (huh?) to the Home Depot where I was told, "we ran out of that last week", to the drugstore where I was told, "oh, we just sold the last one", it seemed that with every place came deeper disappointment. "We'll just switch it for another day", said Gabe. "Unacceptable" was my reply (I mean, seriously, you can't just go "switching" activities on an advent calendar. Can you?). And so it was that we had the brilliant idea of going to the Christmas tree lot (duh, right?) where we spent $3 on this quite pathetic little bunch that will probably die by tomorrow. And kiss we did. It was lovely.


alyssa said...

We were supposed to buy mistle toe yesterday too...Except we moved that item to another day. I found the perfect "kissing ball" at Ralphs...hope it's still there in a couple days. Maybe you can squirt your mistle toe with water each day to keep it alive. It's so cute!!

Polka Dot Bride said...

So sweet! I love this post!