Thursday, November 8, 2007

NY Market Highlight : Rivini

Sorry about the spotty posts, it has been a busy few weeks chock-full of deadlines and drama. With the holiday season already here, free time seems to be somewhat of a thing of the past.

Rivini is one of my absolute favorite designers. Period. I have had the pleasure of knowing Rita for a few years now and she is even more incredible than her designs. I am very excited to be working with her at an upcoming November 16-17 Rivini Trunk Show at Erin Cole. Anytime the designer comes to a trunk show is special, but when the designer is as fun loving, personable and kind as Rita is, it's a guaranteed great time.

This year's line is unbelieveable. The gowns are simply stunning. Not only is there a lovely array of slightly more traditional gowns with A-line cuts and beaded embellishments, but there are also a number of more couture, highly stylized gowns from which to choose. I simply cannot say enough and these pictures by no means do the gowns justice. You just have to trust me and make an effort to see these gowns. Oh, and that short one at the end- get out! I can see it now-hip couple, intimate wedding, cage veil, feathers, ooohhh how perfect!

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perfect bound said...

So pretty. I can't imagine how much better they look in person. Oh, and I love her hair.