Wednesday, November 14, 2007

J. Crew love

It's been a while since I have actually opened one of the 12 J. Crew catalogs I seem to receive every month before carting it off to the recycling bin. It's not that I don't want to take a peek, it's just that I don't like being tempted to spend money on things I really don't need (the last time I did look, I fell in love with $135 clutch that, quite frankly, I just can't justify when I am supposed to buying for others!). I have always liked J. Crew, but to be quite honest, their style is at times just a bit to preppy for my taste. Lately, however, I have fallen back in love. I have to say that their bridesmaids' dresses continually amaze me. From the very first season, around the time I was engaged, until now, they just get better and better. I opened that catalog today and just look what I found! Now the dress has been out for a few months, but with that belt?! Yes, yes, yes! I LOVE it! Oh, and it's on sale (not mentioned in the catalog, but it is on line!!!)

(What I don't love? That this picture is not on line and neither are the Nina and Pia dresses featured on page 97 0f the catalog even though they are on the "Weddings" intro page! --or maybe they are and I just was to impatient to find them!)

open this image (or your catalog!) to see the details


Lyndsy said...
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Lyndsy said...

I love all the JCrew dresses and especially the shoes (the pink and yellow combo is my favorite). Your blog has so many wonderful ideas that I am fully planning to try out for my May wedding. Thanks for all the ideas!

Casey said...

yes, i too love jcrew. such great inspiring pictures, and of course wonderful clothes! and-- i love your new header, looks great. :)

perfect bound said...

I love the sweater + dress + ribbon addition. J. Crew does push the preppy limit. But these are so mod.