Saturday, July 28, 2007

Welcome to The Parker

So I knew when I booked The Parker for my wedding that it was not just your average Palm Springs hotel, but a reality TV show about the place?! I can't get enough!
Since my first stay at the hotel in the Summer of 2005 to my wedding in June 2006 to my most recent stay last month, this hotel has never let me down when it comes to drama and intrigue. Just being on the property makes you feel a bit hipper, a bit more glamorous. Celebrities abound and pretty people are everywhere. I quickly find myself asking my husband, "What's that guy in? Isn't that so and so? Oh my God, is that blank?"

My last stay proved to be my closest brush with stardom yet as "the guy from 30 Rock" hocked a beach ball at my head and "the woman from ER" asked me for the time. I think this means I am well on my way to being "somebody"!

Pretentious? Yes. Outrageously expensive? You bet. As dramatic as the show implies? Absolutely. But forever this hotel will hold a special place in my heart. Since my own wedding I have been fortunate enough to work with two more brides getting married at The Parker. Lucky for me, I get to relive the excitement and the drama time and time again every Thursday at 10 on Bravo. I'm hooked!
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