Thursday, June 12, 2008

What were "our songs" you ask?

I realize in my haste to know what all of your songs were, I forgot to mention the music that helped make our day so memorable. As you may, or may not know, I fell in love with a musician. A musician, but not a dancer. I, on the other hand, feel no wedding is complete without "Baby Got Back" and more than just a few Neil Diamond dance numbers. It seems that my music taste is just a bit more, shall we say "varied" than that of my husband. Sure, I love to listen to Pavement, but I most certainly do not want to dance to it all night long! This was a wedding, not a party for a bunch of music-snobs. And so a compromise was reached- Gabe chose all of the dinner music (he literally handed the DJ a CD with an hour and a half of music so that everything was played in the order he wanted) and I got to choose all of the dance music. And so mixed in with all of the Stereolab, Wilco, Air, and Tortoise came a little Allison Krauss, Sir MixAlot, and Vanilla Ice. I like to think that there was a little something for everyone.

And of course, there were those special songs. The ones that we chose knowing that they would never be heard on the radio, knowing that most of our guests had probably never heard of them. The ones that we have to make the effort to listen to and that instantly bring us back every time we do. We walked out of our ceremony to Johnny and June Carter Cash's barely recognized "'Cause I Love You" and we danced our first dance to Nick Drake's "Northern Sky". We didn't choose songs that we had always listened to together or had our first kiss to, rather we chose songs that would be made special because of their role in our wedding. We have a lot of songs that remind of us all of our years together, but we only have two that can take us back to that particular time. Keep that in mind as you argue about this decision with your fiance. Do you really want the same song that twelve other guests at your wedding danced their first dance to? I didn't think so.


tina said...

"Northern Sky" is in our First Dance Playlist. We're both dumping songs in there and are going to vote! :)

Our song planning is similar to yours! I'm still trying to think of a clean Ween song to satisfy Andy's "there has to be one Ween song" instruction to the DJ.

Anonymous said...

Tina on Weens White Pepper album She's Your Baby is a good safe song.

bloomers shoppe said...

lol love this post. it's money.

tina said...

tag!. I used this blog because I knew the URL off of the top of my head and was too lazy to look up your personal one. It's applicable here though! :)


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