Thursday, January 3, 2008

Professional bridesmaid?

So I received a call today from a well-known entertainment/news program looking to do a piece on those of you have added "bridesmaid" to your resume. The feature is following the release of the new movie 27 Dresses starring Katherine Heigl. I don't have all of the details quite yet, but I would love to put you in touch if you are interested, just comment and let me know. So tell me, how many times have you been a bridesmaid? So far my sister beats me with 7. Do I hear 8?


Anonymous said...

This is a great idea for a movie, I personally have been a bridesmaid so many times that I lost count. Dont get me wrong I loved every minute of it. It speaks volumes of many friends that I feel close to. Cheers to 2008, and close friends. e

Anonymous said...

I have been a bridesmaid 10 times!! I'd say that's pretty good. But my boyfriend proposed to me on the 29th!! So... at least now, I can add bride to my resume!

perfect bound said...

Oh no, not me. Just twice. But I did catch an early release of the movie last weekend- cute! Makes me like Katherine more when she's the underdog bridesmaid and not the resident stealing someone's husband. ;)

One Love Photo said...

Love this poster! I've only officially done it twice with a dress! But I feel like a bridesmaid every time I shoot a wedding. I've fixed ugly flowers, fixed bad hair, calmed nerves, bustled too many times to count and I have even cut the cake when needed. I believe these are "bridesmaid" duties but somehow I end up doing them! So I have been a bridesmaid without the dress at least 75 times I would say and 77 with the dresses.

eliza said...

i've been a member of a wedding party six times.
one flower girl
two bridesmaid
three maid of honor
that's right, i've been a maid of honor three times.
it's so wonderful to be able to be there for my friends and family and so amazing that they honored me with the position.
the only reason it sucks is that unless i move to massachusetts, canada, spain, the netherlands, belgium or south africa, i myself can't legally get married.

alyssa said...

I LOVE this promo poster! So cute! So rad that a local news channel contacted you! Well, I'm definitely out...I've only been in 3 weddings - a flower girl once and a bridesmaid twice (including your lovely wedding). Darn those girlfriends who eloped :)

Anonymous said...

I can honestly say that I've been a bridesmaid twelve times... I thought that I was at 13, but can't seem to recall whose the 13th was, so I'll stick to 12 at this point. I've loved every one of the weddings I've been fortunate to be a part of, but will be glad when it is my turn! :)

lw02jms said...

Wow...I've just been reading your comments and am amazed at how many times some of you have been bridesmaids!

I am a features writer in the UK writing for a glossy magazine supplement for a national newspaper. Currently I am researching an article about women who have been bridesmaids over ten times. I was wondering if any of you would be willing to talk to me about your experiences? Nothing would be written without your permission and you would of course be paid generously for your time.

If you'd like to find out more please contact me asap (I'm on a very tight deadline!!) at Many thanks, Joanna

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

There's actually another wedding-centric movie coming out in May with another Grey's star - Patrick Dempsey - and they're actually sponsoring a contest with The Knot to get married at the film's red carpet premiere. It sounds pretty cool, they pay for a ton and what could be better than meeting Patrick Dempsey ;)? Here's the website: